10 Perfect Films to Watch While Stuck at Home

Beautiful imagery aside, these series will remind you of the importance of these places we call home. Selling Sunset. Plenty of drama keeps things interesting on this Netflix reality show, which follows the realtors at The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles. The Big Flower Fight. There are no small bouquets in sight. Instead, these artists create everything from giant thrones to large animals to scenes from classic fairy tales using gorgeous plants and ingenuity. Instant Hotel.

20 of the best shows on Netflix to binge-watch if you’re stuck at home

Jump to navigation. And if there was any doubt as to its success, get this: the team has now started filming the second season. The second season will obviously retain the original cast. Manoj Bajpayee will reprise his role of Srikant Tiwari, a family man working as a senior analyst in the T.

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By Radio Times staff. So, take a look at out list and see what you fancy — and keep checking back here as we keep this page up to date with the hottest picks. Read our full Inception review. This Netflix action movie, released back in April, proved so popular that a second instalment is already in the works. Watch on Netflix. Read our full Extraction review. It will make you laugh.

23 Romantic Comedies to Watch on Netflix Right Now

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One episode of the first season of Abstract: The Art of Design on In each episode, the two-man team gets to know families looking to go small.

Subscriber Account active since. The show ended in , but thanks to re-runs and streaming services, fans can relive its quotable moments and the relatable characters who navigate relationships , work, and self-discovery in New York City. Though we’d all probably be content watching “Friends” every day for the rest of our lives, it’s not the only TV series out there.

The show’s storyline is centered on Ted Mosby Josh Radnor , who tells his kids the story of how he met their mom. Though many fans were outraged at the ending , “How I Met Your Mother” is a defining sitcom of the s; it premiered in and ran for nine seasons on CBS. The self-proclaimed nerdy roommates , along with their colleagues, apartment building friends, and romantic partners, share relatable predicaments and wildly hilarious adventures that fans of “Friends” will love.

The series is available for purchase on Amazon. According to INSIDER Data, people who watched “Friends” also gave positive reviews to “True Detective,” a fictional mystery and crime series perfect for fans of anything and everything related to true crime. The NBC series premiered in and ran until

Here are the 75 best Christmas movies of all time for the holidays

See the gallery. As the boss Willem Dafoe of a Chicago-based headhunter prepares to retire, Dane Jensen Gerard Butler , who works at the Blackridge Recruiting agency arranging jobs for engineers, vies to achieve his longtime goal of taking over the company going head-to-head with his ambitious rival, Lynn Vogel Alison Brie. However, Dane’s year-old son, Ryan Maxwell Jenkins , is suddenly diagnosed with cancer and his professional priorities at work and personal priorities at home begin to clash with one another.

We do it all anonymously, so no one can bribe or buy their way onto the list. Many of our winners are tiny establishments that couldn’t even afford a personal ad.

This story was originally published in and is being republished in the spirit of the season. In that one, Santa slides down a chimney, stuffs some stockings, and promptly disappears into the ether; the whole film runs just over one minute long. No one would argue that that early effort was anything but a Christmas movie, but these days, the question comes up frequently: What exactly is a Christmas movie?

Is merely being set at Christmas enough? Or is there some elusive other element that makes a Christmas movie a Christmas movie? Well, does it? Opting for a big-tent definition of what constitutes a Christmas movie, this list of the greatest Christmas movies ever made argues, yes, it does, very much so. And not just because it takes place at Christmas. The story of a man trying to repair his life, earn redemption, and keep his family together, Die Hard engages with some key Christmas-movie themes.

More than twinkling lights and gift-making elves, we looked to these elements when putting the list together.

Bingeable Sitcoms

TV Shows. Little Fires Everywhere. Suddenly, Claire is transported to and into a mysterious world where her freedom and life are threatened. To survive, she marries Jamie Fraser, a strapping Scots warrior with a complicated past and a disarming sense of humor.

You’re not the only one with Mariah Carey’s song, “Always Be My Baby,” stuck in In this Rob Reiner flick, Sarah decides to track down the man between her The men in the Lake family have a secret: They can time travel.

Family, honor, duty, and a whole lot of sword slashing in the arena, he can do it all. Saving Private Ryan. Instructed to save one Private Ryan, the last remaining child of a woman who lost three of her sons, Captain Miller played by Tom Hanks must lead a small squad of soldiers on a near suicide mission to bring Private Ryan home. Easily one of the best movies for guys that will leave you with a deeper level of respect and admiration for the men and women who sacrifice everything for our freedom.

Captain Miller shows you how to be calm in the midst of chaos throughout the movie and demonstrates a lead from the front attitude putting himself in harms way in every combat scene. Full Metal Jacket. It simply reveals its harsh realities. After hiring thousands of Jews to work in his factory for pragmatic reasons , he is forced to make a decision that will shape his entire future. As the story unfolds, the audience witnesses the price that is often paid for being brave and doing the right thing.

91 Oscar-Winning Movies to Prepare You for Awards Season

Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. It can mess with your head and the way you look at yourself. How do you respect yourself or how [can] your family respect you, if he is your legal guardian? Every Saudi woman must have a male guardian, normally a father or husband, but in some cases a brother or even a son, who has the power to make a range of critical decisions on her behalf. Every Saudi woman, regardless of her economic or social class, is adversely affected by guardianship policies.

S40 E19 – Slender Man. | 40m S41 E36 – One Night in Central Park Live in Front of a Studio Audience: “All in the Family” and “Good Times”.

A classic sitcom about the bartenders and barflies at a Boston pub owned by a former Red Sox pitcher and lothario. Eternally optimistic Indiana bureaucrat Leslie Knope tries to persuade her friends, neighbors and co-workers of the value of good local government by working overtime to make the town of Pawnee a better place to live. An animated series about the foibles and struggles of a small-town, working-class Texas family.

High jinks and heroics abound at a mobile army surgical hospital during the Korean War. Through flashbacks, a father tells his kids about his younger days trying to find love while living in New York City with his three best friends. An American businessman and an Irish woman navigate life together in London when their one-week stand results in pregnancy. Cynical Hollywood wannabes work together — and annoy each other — at a catering company while failing to achieve their real dreams.

Search Magnifying glass icon. These light, addictive comedies are sure to keep you chuckling for hours on end. Curated by the Watching Staff. Like Heart Shape. The show is not covering new territory in its material, really, but the amiability of the whole endeavor is a huge draw.

Australian Open tennis 2020: Live scores, draw, schedule, how to watch live at Melbourne Park

While we wait for To All the Boys: P. I Still Love You , the highly anticipated sequel to ‘s runaway hit to drop on Netflix on February 12, we’ve rounded up a list of the greatest romantic comedies you can currently stream. Sit back and be soothed by the gorgeous kitchens, white wardrobe, and quippy dialogue characteristic of a Nancy Meyers film. In Something’s Gotta Give , a lifelong womanizer Jack Nicholson finds himself falling for someone “age appropriate:” The mother Diane Keaton of his much-younger girlfriend.

Watch Now. You’re not the only one with Mariah Carey ‘s song, ” Always Be My Baby ,” stuck in your head after reading the title and watching the trailer of this Netflix original.

It’s one of the must watch action movies of the 21st century and will have you more amped up than a dozen red bulls. First they Killed my.

Kim Jong Un is using his vast fishing fleets to prop up his regime. Also in grave danger are the fisheries of the Northern Pacific, once the richest in the world, now being depleted year after year. In a powerful and moving journey, Indonesian correspondent Anne Barker follows Alis Sumiaputra and a group of Timor-born adults as they return to their country of birth to reunite with their families.

For Alis, there is pain, guilt, joy and an awakening. The bars and restaurants have never closed, primary schools and child-care centres have stayed open. Reporter Lisa Millar presents a profile of a country debating the value of human life as the death toll mounts. With 30 million more males than females, many bachelors in China are taking desperate measures to get hitched.

27 Wall Street movies to watch over Christmas

Photo by Edward Pevos MLive. If you are staying at home more because of the coronavirus and need some quality shows to watch, look no further than this list of some of the newest and most popular programs on Netflix. Some of these you may have never even heard of.

Our selection of must-see movies, whether you go it alone or hunker down with family or friends.

Subscriber Account active since. YouTube Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, tis the season to sit around and do next to nothing. The market is closed or quiet , everyone’s with family, and it’s time to get some much needed rest. That, however, does not mean you can’t get a little Wall Street in your day. Why not kick back on the couch and watch one of these Wall Street movies? And you know how that is.

41 Design Shows to Watch Now

FluentU has carefully curated the best, the most influential, the highest-grossing and the most talked-about Korean films for your viewing pleasure. So without further ado, here are the top 20 Korean movies you should be watching in Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. It follows the life of a boy named Deok-soo whose family got separated during the Hungnam Evacuation of the Korean War.

Brian Mullaney, the man who for charities like Smile Train and WonderWork, popularized the dubious fundraising advertising claim of “% to Program,” may​.

The 92nd annual Academy Awards, celebrating the best in film from the past year, are set for Sunday, February 9, And what better way to gear up for this year’s Oscars than by revisiting the winners of the coveted Best Picture Award over the past almost-century? Starting with the very first Best Picture selection from , Wings , all the way to the winner at the ceremony, The Shape of Water , catch up on every single movie you may have missed in between and refine your cinematic knowledge before Hollywood converges for the biggest of the year.

Watch for some impressive aviation sequences. The first talkie to win an Oscar follows Vaudeville sisters Hank and Queenie Mahoney as they take their act to the Broadway stage. An adaptation of the novel of the same name, the film follows a group of German schoolboys who have been talked into enlisting in the army at the beginning of the first World War, showing the tragedy of their experiences.

A pre-code Western about a restless newspaper editor who moves to a Oklahoma settlement—and then leaves his family behind. A diverse group of individuals featuring Greta Garbo, John Barrymore, and Joan Crawford deal with their own respective dramas while staying in a luxurious Berlin hotel. Cavalcade follows the tragedies and triumphs of two English families, the wealthy Marryots and the working-class Bridges.

Watch Now. An abused crew stages a revolt against a tyrannical ship captain—and he decides to exact revenge. A lively musical drama that depicts the rise of theater producer Florenz Ziegfeld, who was renowned in the ’20s for his lavish stage productions. The film follows the trajectory of Zola who wrote about the unsavory side of Parisian life, generating an enormous amount of success and giving him a comfortable upper-class life.

This harmony is disrupted when Jewish officer Alfred Dreyfus is imprisoned for being a spy.

The Only Living Boy in New York Trailer #1 (2017)