Can you obtain Rank 10 with a female confidant without romance/dating them?

Persona 5 , a role-playing video game by Atlus , is centered on the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, [a] a vigilante group of high-school students working to change the hearts of criminals by getting them to confess their crimes through defeating a physical manifestation of their subconscious in a mysterious realm known as the Metaverse. Its playable characters can be controlled in the game’s many locations, known as “Palaces”. People with great desires and a distorted perception of the world have a Palace in the Metaverse which the Phantom Thieves access through a mobile app on their smartphones. Persona 5 is set within Tokyo beginning in April of the year “20XX”. The player character is a silent protagonist codenamed Joker. He is a high school student who moves to Tokyo after being expelled from his former school due to a false accusation of assault, later forming the Phantom Thieves.

Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Temperance (Sadayo Kawakami)

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Fortune is the most valuable Confidant in the game. call Kawakami from Leblanc on Fridays and Saturdays to unlock and level. Persona 5 Royal finally gets a western release date along with multiple editions and DLCs.

Sadayo Kawakami is a character from Persona 5. She is a teacher at Shujin Academy and the protagonist’s homeroom teacher. Kawakami is a youthful-looking woman of medium height and a slender build. She has dark brown unkempt hair, dark brown eyes and consistently has a somewhat long and sleepy face. While teaching, she wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt striped with white and red horizontal lines, a blue denim skirt and white kitten heel shoes.

During her off-time, she wears a beige blazer over her outfit. During her second job, she wears a French-styled maid costume and has her hair pulled into twin tails. If she’s the protagonist’s date during the Hawaii trip, she wears a blue and yellow striped bikini, a white graphic t-shirt with a red flower design, and the number 14 on it, and yellow and white flip-flops. Around her neck is a whistle hung on a red strap.

Temperance Confidant Guide – Persona 5 Royal (Sadayo Kawakami)

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If you’re hot for teacher, this is how you can get closer to Kawakami through her confidant cooperation.

Persona 5 upped its waifu game hard. Boasting an overall stronger number of choices compared to previous entries Personas 3 and 4 and unlockable extra scenarios with your chosen SO, choosing a waifu has never been harder. Whatever your 2D anime girl tastes are, Persona 5 may just have it. Warning: Mild spoilers.

You may want to meet everyone in-game first before reading further. You probably just maxed her out before every other female confidant and did not know what you were getting into. Her completely down to earth attitude may also catch you off-guard. You also probably absconded from giving your team funny names like everyone else. Or, you really are just into the whole sister-complex thing. Her demeanor reminds me of a little puppy. A puppy that carries a battle axe and grenade launcher into battle.

Sadayo Kawakami

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I really want to max/reach rank 10 with my female confidants without dating any of them or dating more than one female confidant. Btw, I haven’t reached.

In this Persona 5 Romance guide , we’ll be walking you through the correct steps to take and answers to choose in order to sway various characters in the game, including Ann, Futaba, Makoto, and more. A Persona 5 Romance can only be initiated once you’ve built up your Social Link with a character, but we’ll cover all that and more throughout the guide below.

It should be noted that you can enter into a Persona 5 romantic relationship with more than one character, but this isn’t recommended as it can lead to some pretty bad consequences. Alternatively, you’re not forced into a relationship with any character at all, although entering into one slightly alters some conversations. Should you need any help with other areas of Persona 5, we’ve got you covered with our main guides hub for the game , covering topics like Confidant Social Links and Mementos.

Read on to find out how to romance Persona 5 characters , plus get the details on what happens when you try to have multiple romances at once. Ann is one of the characters that you’ll start out Persona 5 with, forming the Phantom Thieves alongside her, Ryuji, and Morgana. Ann Takamaki can always be found in the underground section of the Shibuya Mall, both during the day and after school.

Who did you romance?

Learning how to manage Persona 5 Confidant and Social Links is one of the more important elements of how you spend your free time. Alongside Social Stats such as Knowledge, Guts, Proficiency, Kindness and Charm , you’ll be wanting to maximize the limited time you have on friendships between your party members and other characters, which will reward you with combat boosts, additional story details and possibly take part in some romance options. There are 21 confidants in the game that will gradually become available as you progress through the story.

Some of them will automatically Rank Up at specific points, whilst others require interacting with. With the exception of Sun and the story progression Confidants, you should make sure you have a Persona of the matching Arcana whenever you speak to them – it’s not a requirement, but it does mean there are fewer time-filling meetings between Rank Ups.

Even if you’re not particularly interested in making friends it’s worth at least getting all your party members to Rank 2 to allow you to use “Baton Pass” during fights.

Dating miss kawakami – Is the number one destination for online dating with more marriages than any other dating or personals site. products with the police response procedures dating miss the temperance confidant, tae and yellow striped.

Building relationships with your allies is a main component of Persona 5. But who should you focus on? From a story perspective, you are free to pursue whatever characters you find most interesting. However, from a purely practical standpoint, a handful of confidants offer big benefits that you should obtain as soon as possible. Many other confidants offer solid rewards, but if you want to optimize your progression and learn about some cool characters in the process , these are the relationships you should prioritize.

Note: Beyond the revelation that the following characters eventually become confidants, this is a spoiler-free list that does not reveal information about the characters’ personal arcs.

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The Persona 5 Royal Confidants are much more accessible compared to the original game, both because you get more free time, and because you gain more Confidant and stat points overall. This makes it easier to level and even max out multiple Confidants, and that means stronger Personas and dozens of bonuses for you.

The question, then, is what are the best Persona 5 Royal Confidants to level? Well, that mostly depends on which characters you like and what abilities you favor, but there are a few standout Confidants that everyone should go for just to make the game more fulfilling. We’ve outlined all the Confidants, how to unlock them, and what benefits they offer below. First, though, we’ve picked out a few recommended Confidants.

It will be a good idea to max out her Confidant rank as fast as you can You can request Kawakami to make coffee or do the laundry for you during evenings with them during the special “dates” in Christmas and Valentines.

Share on. Persona 5 Take Your Heart. Create account or Sign in. You should be logged in to clone a site. Try to level until Lv. Fool, Magician, Lovers, Chariot Confidants will open in this space. Don’t forget to sell your materials from the Palace. Answer “Knowing your actions are wrong”, then “Convictions that you’re right. Try to exit at Lv. You can now go out of Yongen at night.

If you successfully confuse the boss in Mementos, it will drop a lot of money. Level to Lv.

Persona 5 Royal Confidant Guide – Temperance, Sadayo Kawakami

Subscribe to Newsedgepoint Google News. This information will assist gamers perceive the perks that come together with each rank on this confidant. Persona 5 Royal is all about constructing relationships with characters in the true world. These relationships immediately have an effect on the skills inside the Metaverse, the situation the place gamers spend nearly all of their time altering the hearts of corrupt adults.

Translated Persona 5 Confidant Guide, including where to find them, how to max them out, and the Confidant, Character, Date, Time, Location The Temperance (XIV), Sadayo Kawakami, 5/24, Night, Call her with the phone in Le Blanc.

Just sharing these because I haven’t gotten them in game yet I’ve only gotten the art museum one and they aren’t included in the all romance scene compilation that’s on youtube somewhere, and they’re pretty cute. Man i was really excited till i saw heard the japanese. Hard to listen to after playing in english. I have seen a few, but they’re mainly the ferris wheel dates.

The same user uploaded one for Chihaya where she comes to your place after being maxed out. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Persona5 comments.

Persona 5 Royal confidant gift guide – which gifts to get to impress

Persona 5 has a ton of romances to choose from. You would need to play through the game about nine times to get through every romance scenario. It’s a long game too, with an average of almost hours to complete the main story! That’s a lot of content to get every romance. Luckily the internet exists, so players can share their opinions and experiences on these romances.

Hifumi is the same as Kawakami Ryuji and Mishima are always going to invite you, and you’ll earn points to another female confidant (in my case, it was Futaba,​.

As well as traversing the dungeons and reforming society in Persona 5, you are able to interact with a vast selection of people from every walk of life. As your relationships build, it is possible that one of them may become romantic, provided that they are eligible to do so. When you reach the particular point where your relationship will evolve, you will be given clear notification by a question with two options.

One will allow you to fall in love with the current Confidant, and the second will allow you progress down with their story arc as a close friend or business partner. A word of warning. While it is possible to become romantically involved with multiple Confidants, it may lead to devastating social consequences on a particular day of the year. See below for the different romance options ahead in Persona.

Persona 5 Confidant Guide

At first, she appears to be cold. She did this because of the alleged problem student status the Protagonist has. However, after he stands up to Kamoshida, she becomes noticeably nicer.

Feels weird dating kawakami confidant abilities for persona 5. Yes, shibuya / saturday nights, level 3. After you to stop watching movies as: Best girl you to​.

The Temperance arcana is the fourteenth XIV tarot arcana and can be unlocked on May 27th after going through with Ryuji’s idea about the maid service. The confidant of the Temperance social link is Sadayo Kawakami. The Temperance arcana represents harmony and moderation. Through your journey, ranking up the Temperance arcana will provide you with assistance throughout your life so that you don’t need to waste time doing menial tasks such as laundry.

Much in line with the themes of moderation and orders, Kawakami will help you out with a variety of tasks. Kawakami is available a night by calling her from the Leblanc phone. She is available during rainy nights, but she only works a couple times a week.

Persona 5 – Sadayo Kawakami Confidant RANK 10 – Lovers Route [ENG SUB]