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Battlefield 1 came out in October , but with a new Battlefield game, which Eurogamer understands is set in World War 2 and is called Battlefield V , due out later this year, it makes sense developer DICE would turn its attention away from the year-and-a-half-old game and toward pastures new. Updates can include everything from matchmaking and weapon balancing to “even Dreadnought horns that sometimes won’t stop blaring”. Battlefield 1’s final expansion, Apocalypse , released earlier this year. In May more maps will be made available to all. A new mode, called Shock Operations, launches in June. This supports 40 players and sees attackers and defenders fight over sectors, just like in Operations mode. But with Shock Operations, the action is focused to one single map. DICE said it’ll be a good shout if you don’t have time for a full Operations match. It sounds like that will be that for Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 monthly updates end June 2018

What goes into finding you a multiplayer match? Read on to learn about matchmaking in Battlefield 1. This in turn means making several choices in quick succession to get you into a match as fast as possible.

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Finding your Battlefield: Matchmaking in Battlefield 1

Incursions is a gamemode introduced in Battlefield 1. The gamemode is centered on competitive play between players in 5v5 matches. It was announced on 21 August at Gamescom The gamemode pits two teams of five players against one another in small-scale battles. Regardless of the map, there are only two factions: Allies and Central Powers.

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The matchmaking in this game is a complete joke.

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Im not bitching or making excuses i am simply wondering if matchmaking in BF1 just plain sucks? In BF4 its usually not like this at all. Generally fairly even.

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Bf1 bad matchmaking

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Battlefield 1 Too Casual